Term index

This index explains medical terms that are used in the texts and films.


Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue similar to the uterine mucous membrane grows outside the uterus which can cause heavy pain.

Generations of the pill

Oral contraceptives are divided into four generations depending on the progestogen the pill contains and on the time of appearance on the market.


Progestogen is an endogenous hormone, that is also called corpus luteum or pregnancy hormone. It is, among other things, responsible for the growth of the fertilized ovum (egg cell) in the uterus. The synthetic progestogen in the pill imitates the endogenous progestogen.


Sexual lust


The endogenous estrogen is responsible for e.g. building up the uterine mucous membrane, which is necessary for the attachment of a fertilized ovum (egg cell) to the uterine mucous membrane. The synthetic estrogen in the pill imitates the endogenous estrogen.


Menopause is the phase when women stop having their period permanently.


The monthly discharge of blood and mucosal tissue is also called period or monthly. When being on the pill it is referred to as withdrawal bleeding.


A thrombosis is a blood clot (or blood lump/thrombus) that blocks the blood flow in a blood vessel.